Where to get a Wireless Card for Laptop or Desktop

"Where do you get a wireless card for your computer and are they expensive? I have a laptop and a desktop almost never use the desktop computer"

Where you go to get a wireless card for your computer depends more on the type of wireless card you are looking for rather than whether you have a laptop or desktop computer. In most cases, the same type of wireless card will work for both. The first thing you need to determine is whether you are looking for a wireless card with a built-in connection or a wireless card that allows you to access your home wireless network.

Wireless Internet Access via Cellular Service

If you're looking for a wireless card that also has a built-in connection, you're looking for a wireless card from one of the cell phone service companies. The cost depends on which one of the companies you purchase service from. I currently use Verizon Broadband service which costs about $60/month. In the past I was using AT&T BroadbandConnect at about the same price. The reason I switched service providers was Verizon offered a faster connection speed in more of the places I wanted to use the service. The wireless card associated with each of these service providers varies in price depending on the promotions currently offered, although I would plan to spend somewhere between $50-100, which is a one-time charge. So if you're looking for a wireless card that provides access to the cellular data network, contact local cell phone service providers and inquire about their coverage area and rates.

Wireless Card for WiFi Access

With most new laptops and even some desktops shipping with WiFi built-in, finding a wireless card for your home WiFi network has become less of a priority. In addition to needing a wireless card, you also need a wireless router in this scenario. In the US, stores like Wal-mart, Best Buy, and Target all carry both wireless cards and wireless routers for WiFi networking. The price depends on what gear you buy, but in general you should be able to get a USB WiFi card and wireless router for under $100. I generally recommend buying both a router and wireless card of the same brand because it's easier to read the packaging and figure out which items are compatible if you stay within the same brand. Linksys, D-Link, and Netgear are widely available at most of these stores and are consistently reliable solutions.