Podcasting for Windows Media


Podcasting is the buzzword du jour in the blogging world. It's basically a convenient way to subscribe to audio or video content and have it automatically download to your PC, ready for syncing to your portable media player. The name is derived from origins conceived to make transfer from Web to iPod easy. Most of the content currently available is amateur at best, but some of the shows, like the Gillmor Gang, show really promise as alternatives to traditional radio content. As soon as a few smart broadcasters start adding things like listener call-ins, and some basic formatting, the medium offers the potential to be a time-shifted NPR on a global scale. Considering most available content is in MP3 format, I figured there's no reason Pocket PCs, portable audio players, SmartPhones, or other compatible devices can't work just as well. To find out how to schedule downloadable audio for your portable player, check out this tutorial. If you simply want to know how to automatically sync a specific Windows Media Playlist to your audio player, skip to part four.

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