GarageBand for Windows - Mixcraft

Since Apple doesn't make their GarageBand for Windows 7 (or Windows XP or Vista), I went looking for a viable alternative. Only one application is a functional alternative to GarageBand for PC. Download Mixcraft for a feature-packed audio editing and recording software made by Acousitca, with all the best features of GarageBand for Windows 7. Mixcraft is also a great alternative to GarageBand for Windows XP and Windows Vista. In many ways, I like Mixcraft on Windows better than GarageBand on Mac OS X.

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Like GarageBand, Mixcraft makes it easy to create a song in a matter of minutes. Mixcraft is compatible with Apple Loops used in GarageBand for Mac OS X. Mixcraft supports voice and instrument recording, both with virtual and real instruments. Beat matching and key changes happen on the fly in Mixcraft just like they do in GarageBand. As of Mixcraft 5, there's an awesome Musical Typing Keyboard feature that lets you use your comptuer keyboard as if it were piano keys.