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Convert Vinyl Records and Cassettes to MP3 or CD

Before Spin It Again Audio Restoration:

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Spin It Again Transfer your old 45's and 33's to CD or to your new MP3 player or iPod(tm)! This dedicated record and tape conversion software makes it child's play to record and edit your old albums. The wizard driven process guides you through connecting your hardware, getting the correct recording level, and splitting your recording into multiple tracks. The software automatically removes clicks and pops and that unwanted tape hum and hiss. Convert your recordings to MP3s or burn them on to an audio CD! Spin It Again is a dedicated LP and tape recording conversion software application designed to make the process as simple as possible.

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"I don't know how to thank you ( Acoustica ) for years I had my vinyl records just put away, with the intention to somehow one day copy them to a ( CD ). and with your software (SPINITAGAIN) you have made my day, now I can copy all my precious ones to a CD, thank you again, and it is so easy.  PS If you have a software that will copy home made (VHS) video tapes as easy as SPINITAGAIN, then I like to be your first customer. thank you." - John De Giambattista

"I have over 200 45's from the early 60's. I have several "oldie" CDs that I have made into mp3s but still there are a lot of songs that I can't find anywhere that I have on 45's. I have been thinking about recording them on my computer then changing them to mp3s. I have tried several programs but I recently tried Spin It Again and I blown away on how easy it was to record them and make them into mp3s. Now I can finally listen to music on my mp3 player that I haven't heard for over 30 yrs. This is a GREAT program Thanks a lot! - Armand Ciuffo

"Since my records are from the seventies, it wasn't hard to find a side with clicks and pops. Click and pop removal was really easy to use and did a great job. I did some cross checking using two other programs for sound quality. I recorded 3 CDs and played them in my car. There was a drastic difference in sound. Yours was clearly superior! Bass and high freqs came through clear and strong. The entire sound spectrum was very rich. Background noises did not come through. The other programs are really weak and need loads of work! Some of their noise reduction routines distort in the higher freqs." - Charles

Automatic Noise Reduction fixes Pops and Clicks

Remove Pops and Clicks

In addition to recording your tapes and LP records, dividing tracks up and burning CDs, Spin It Again cleans your recordings! Get rid of those clicks and pops and crackles instantly. Select a preset from the drop down and the software scrubs the file. Pick a preset such as "Damaged Record 1", "Vinyl Declick & Decrackle", or "Clean Anything!"

Key Spin It Again Features

  • Wizards step through recording level adjustment, hardware hookup, recording and editing process.
  • Automatic track detection and silence removal algorithm splits your albums into tracks ready for your iPod, MP3 or CD player.
  • Automatically removes old record clicks, pops and tape hiss.
  • Create audio CDs and/or convert recordings to MP3, OGG, WMA, and hi-fi WAV files.
  • Supports DVD-Audio quality sample rates (48khz -> 192 khz, 24 bit audio)
  • Split previously recorded MP3s, WAVs, WMAs or OGGs into multiple tracks or burn to CD.
  • Burn long tracks like audio books across multiple CDs.

 Try Spin It Again free!
 Order Spin It Again for $34.95