Automatic Garage Door Opener with German Engineering

One of the guys I met at Yanik Silver's recent Underground conference sells garage doors online. I'm paying more attention to home improvement stuff since buying a house in April 2008, so I started asking about what's cool in the garage door installation business.

I don't currently need a garage door opener, because we have a car port, but the Hormann Supramatic E makes me want a garage. Just like the German engineering that goes into a BMW, Mini Cooper, or Mercedes, the Hormann Supramatic takes automatic garage door openers up a notch by opening 50% faster than standard openers. It's also much quieter than most garage doors, so you won't hear the garage door opening on your attached garage. For the security conscious, the Hormann Supramatic E is an electric garage door operator that can't be forced open. Not sure if you can get the Supramatic E in the U.S. or not, but if you live in the U.K. or most of the EU, it's the garage door opener to drool over.

Automatic Garage Door Opener

If you plan on installing a new garage door anywhere in the world, I highly recommend watching this video on how to measure for you new garage door. It will save you a ton of time and money in a DIY garage door installation.