Hell's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay Game

Want the thrill of Gordon Ramsay pushing you to the limits of your culinary skills without actually being a chef? Just like the show of the same name, Hell's Kitchen puts you through a series of kitchen and dining room challenges designed to test your skills. You`ll need to master each Time Management test to progress to the next level of competition. Each meal is scored by a virtual Gordon Ramsay. While playing a game will never measure up to the demands of really preparing food in a working kitchen, Hell's Kitchen is one of the more entertaining games I've played in the "beat the clock" genre. It also includes some recipes you can try out in your kitchen at home, making this much more than just a game. And if you're not up to date on the latest season, you can watch episodes from the show for free online. Do you have the talent to be a "five-star" chef in the hottest kitchen in town?

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