Creating a Child-Friendly Home Office

I originally wrote an eBook titled Creating a Child Safe Home Office with the intent to compile everything I've gathered in keeping my own home office safe for my son while at the same time keeping my work projects safe from the hazards of curious children. Every child is a little different in the way they interact with their environment, but there are a number of common things you can do to make sure your home work environment is a place where you can remain productive and secure in knowing you've done everything possible to make work and family life compatible.

  1. Child Proof Home Office - Introduction
  2. Childproofing Basics
  3. Maintaining Your Home Office Power Grid with Children
  4. Choosing a Child Safe Desk
  5. Ergonomics, Chairs, and Children
  6. Protecting Your Computer Desktop from Children
  7. Children and Computer Parts Don't Mix
  8. Reducing Wires Eliminates Child Temptations
  9. Consumer Electronics Child Safety
  10. Keeping Watch on Children From Your Office
  11. Childproof Your Trash
  12. Hidden Costs in Childproofing a Home Office
  13. Create a Child Friendly YES Environment

Working from a home office presents many advantages and many complexities not faced by people working in a traditional corporate setting. At home, work is always just a room away, tempting you to work long hours. The complications multiply when kids are added to the picture; especially small children who like to explore all the neat tools and electronics making up the typical office. Creating a Child-Safe Home Office addresses all the potential hazards both for your child and for your work, addressing the many dangers children face in a home office with practical solutions while also illustrating ways to keep your work safe from the dangers of having children nearby. You may not be able to protect your kids from everything, but if you work from home or plan to work from home soon, knowing how to keep kids safe from the perils lurking in a home office is a must. Read Creating A Child-Safe Home Office to help make your home office hazard free.

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